The Canadian sociologist John Alan Lee divided love between men and women into six forms: erotic love (eros), playful love (ludus), friendship love (storge), attachment love (mania), practical love (pragama) and altruistic love

1, erotic love built on idealized external beauty, is romantic, passionate love. Characterized by love at first sight, to the appearance of people, the lack of spiritual communication, passionate and dedicated, rely on passion to maintain.

2, the game of love as a game of love for the opposite sex favor, and will not be the real emotional input, often change the object, and the importance of the process rather than the results; do not bear the responsibility of love, seeking excitement and freshness.

3, the love of friendship refers to such as childhood sweethearts like feelings, is a kind of long-flowing, stable love. This kind of love is based on friendship, in the long understanding of the basis of growth, can be coordinated to solve the differences, is quiet, harmonious, warm and common growth of love.

4, the love of attachment for the emotional needs of the person is very large; attachment, possession, jealousy, suspicion, fanaticism, emotional instability in the relationship. This love has a strong desire to control each other’s emotions, and binds the two people firmly on the rope of love.

5, the reality of love is to consider the reality of the other side of the conditions, in order to make their own reward increase and reduce the cost of love. This kind of love rational than emotional, by the market regulation of realism.

6, altruistic love with a kind of sacrifice, dedication attitude, the pursuit of love and do not ask the other party in return. Self-sacrificing love is no regrets, is pure and noble.

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