01 Physical touch
When crossing the street, you have to remind in time, you can use your hand to gently touch her back, and then let go. You can also cross the street, gently pull up her hand, if she does not refuse, proving that your behavior has won her favor, she will understand your care and protection. Although only a light pull finger, but the fingertips to bring the vibration can go straight to the heart, then you can let go of her hand after crossing the street, so that the other side from your “inch” sense of elimination of wariness, so as to rest assured and your relationship.

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02 Do not look frivolous
Pay particular attention, in the absence of a girl’s favor before, don’t put your eyes too much stay in her body, with open eyes to stare at the girl’s somewhere to see, this is very easy to anger each other, so that she was angry, frivolous eyes can expose a person’s inner most.
If you genuinely like each other, no matter how to speak and gaze at each other with gentle eyes to communicate with each other, see the girl shyly bowed your head you have to withdraw your gaze, with the language to transfer her timidity, do not think that boastful.

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03 Eating tips
Love, the man should take the initiative to invite the girl to dinner, let the woman decide the menu, give each other full respect.
Do not in front of his girlfriend, talk freely about their eating habits, if the two sides have regional differences, to take the initiative to ask each other what they like to eat, eating and drinking soup do not make a lot of noise, some boys do not pay attention to, accustomed to drinking soup when the sound of suction, which is very offensive to people. Especially do not just manage their own head to drink soup and forget whether the girlfriend to eat comfortably, and affect each other’s mood.
First date do not force each other to drink, if you take your girlfriend to participate in some of the wine will, more attention to their own words and behavior and wine, do not get excited and friends drink, thus cold girlfriend’s sense of being, so that the female side of you far away.

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