So what are the different psychological experiences at different stages of coitus?

Excitement period, both sides with sexual intercourse psychological preparation through a variety of stimuli so that sexual desire can not be suppressed, burning, full of tension, involuntary action, both sides have a strong genital contact desire, two sex, naturally.

The platform period, with the friction of the penis in the vagina, the physical combination brings psychological euphoria, the closeness and dependence of the two sides, and hate can not be integrated. Psychological experience is enhanced by physical changes. In order to enhance and prolong this psychological experience, many sexual experiences use various techniques to achieve this purpose. With the enhancement of the psychological experience, the sexual intercourse movement becomes involuntary, indicating that orgasm is imminent. The two partners will show that orgasm is coming in a variety of different ways to infect each other, reach orgasm together, and share the most wonderful moments and feelings of life.

During the high tide period, after the continuous fighting of both sides, sexual desire is further accumulated until there is a strong desire to vent, and at the moment of sexual desire to vent, both sides will experience an unprecedented sense of fast. Again, this feeling varies from person to person, time to time, and place to place. The experience of both men and women reaching orgasm together is particularly strong, enough to shock the soul and make people want to die. This feeling, in a sense, is the embodiment of the death instinct, which will cause people to have the psychology of dying after addiction, and some people have paid a tragic price for this.

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