“If you love her, let your love surround her like the sun and set her free.” — Rabindranath Tagore

I love you, but you’re free.

I love you, but I will not bind you; On the contrary, I will give you strength and be your anchor to help you fly.

In love, most people act possessive, controlling.

They want to hold their loved ones firmly in their hands and not allow them to leave their sight.

You get jealous, you lose your temper, you interfere in all your partner’s lives and decisions.

In fact, the tighter you hold on, the easier it is to lose someone.

What is the best state of being in love?

Is to let go of each other’s hands, let him try to fly, and when he has everything, he will fly back to your side.

But in reality, most people let go of their partner’s hand, and the other person really left them.

This kind of love is often not true love.

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