1. Don’t be afraid of headwinds
Dating a girl is a bit like meeting a client to make a deal. It’s a two-way process. It’s inevitable that you’ll get into some bad situations when you get along. In particular, the introverted brother is easy to seriously affect the mentality because the other side is not very good reaction, so as to give up the relationship promotion.

In fact, it takes a lot of patience to chase girls. Because there are too many flies around them, they have no sense of the general means of emotional progression. When the girl responds to your topic is very indifferent, or has been playing with the mobile phone, in addition to asking her to be more focused and more mindful with words, you can also let it go, let time go for a while, and it is ok for both sides to occasionally deal with their phones and be quiet for a while. And then we can talk about it. To do: Don’t worry too much about the girl’s reaction to you, do a decent version of yourself.

2. Be happy
A lot of guys are so focused on dating that they’re missing out on what dating is really about: enjoying the moment. You should have a relaxed and happy mood when you ask a girl out alone. Is to be happy. If the whole person is tight, this feeling is easy to pass on to the sixth sense is extremely sensitive girls. You can relax and be happy, and at the same time, you can let the girl into the atmosphere. This is the sine qua non of a successful date.

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