“I felt a strong desire to have the power to protect her.” — “Five centimeters per Second”

Love is a kind of responsibility, but also pay.

What is responsibility?

According to the analysis of the three elements of love, responsibility is the “commitment” in the three elements.

When two people love each other, there is a strong sense of responsibility.

In the eyes of men:

He will work hard, make progress, and give the girl he loves a complete family and marriage, which is the driving force for his efforts, but also his firm responsibility.

In the eyes of women:

He will understand, will tolerate, will support and praise the love of the boys, this is her choice.

In addition, love is a kind of giving.

What kind of giving?

It’s giving without expecting anything in return.

You love a person, first of all from the heart, no matter what you do for each other, pay what, these are your willing.

“Because I love you, I need you.”

The meaning of this sentence is: Because I love you, so I do not hesitate, unreservedly for you.

What I’ve done for you, I hope it makes you a better person.

This kind of love is selfless and gives up on oneself.

Maybe in love with you this matter, may not have the same return, but I do not regret to love you.

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