Modern girls do not fiddle to be a lady, in love, “passive acceptance” is not a girl’s patent. If you want it, you tell him. However, the way of “to” or to pay attention to, the following “ambush on all sides” will let him obediently surrender, don’t believe it, you try! The most popular sex games for mature women include the following ten.

1. Basic formula

Just tell him what you want, breathe softly into his sensitive ear, kiss him on the back of the neck, and he’ll give up in about three minutes. (This is the best way to use it.)

Two, roundabout

Decorate a romantic candlelight banquet, the dishes are full of seafood, with the aroma of just bathed in dinner with him, drunk hot, he does not fall into your gentle trap is strange! Spend money on a good night. Worth it!)

Three, provocative

Put on his favorite sexy pajamas, such as: put on his favorite sexy pajamas and wait for him to open the door, lay in a sexy sexy posture and smile at him, watch a movie with him… (This requires a little basic skill, otherwise…)

4. Prop style

Put the props he usually uses during sex within reach, or gently wipe.

(Especially applicable to SM girls and seductive men)

Five, slutty style

All the lewd words that have been heard since the birth, such as: learn to call the bed, or say something like “you are strong and mighty oh”, with enough lewd expressions, so that he does not want to be difficult! (Unless he is Liu Xihui, even those with chronic illness are difficult to defeat your lewdness)

Straight to the point

This is the easiest one. Just say it to me or I want it, and guarantee that nine out of ten men will say yes to you. (Be direct, don’t be verbose)

7. Be cute

Hold his arm and shake, tilt his head and tell him in a nasal voice: I love you so much, it is best to match the student uniform or HelloKitty pattern dress, arousing his desire to take good care of you. (Forbidden for those with difficulty)

Eight, game style

Play a guessing game or video game with him, and if he loses the bet, you will unconditionally grant you a wish. How wonderful! (But the prerequisite is that you have to pick a game to get started, otherwise you have to wait until the sea runs dry.)

9. Aggressive

First of all, he said that there was some kind of new move recently, and insisted that he would not be mean, no man does not love face, he finally in order to prove his intelligence and super learning ability, absolutely will go all out! (The challenge method is especially effective for men at any time.)

10. Mature woman style

Cut the crap and get on with it! Every minute counts. Why don’t you just ask for it and wait for him to say yes? (Especially suitable for strong women with Wu Zetian character)

The best lover must know when to be “stormy” and when to be “silent”. The above ten tricks are the invincible strategies summed up by N “fierce women”, these methods let you see the other side of a woman’s tenderness!


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