It was an affair, and at night, he came to see me under the dorm. I went downstairs and saw him sitting on the back of the battery.
I think he was tired after playing basketball, buried his head.
I went and stood in front of him, but at a distance. He looked up and pulled me a little closer to him by the hem of my hoodie. It’s the distance between lovers and friends.
And then we started talking, mostly me.
When I share a piece of gossip with him and ask to show him my phone, I step forward, lean over and hold the phone in front of him. I could feel him circling me, trying to hold my hand. The smells are mixed. Breathing quickens involuntarily.
(158×180 The situation was similar to the picture above, but less intimate)
Later, when the gossip was over, I stepped back to put an overly intimate distance between myself and the audience. He kept looking at me, eyes blurred. I know he didn’t listen to anything.

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