Preparation for the date
1. The image of dating
Personal image is actually a very key part, those rough old men, men of science and technology, men who do not use facial cleanser, in this respect is very lacking. Good image at this level of appearance society is almost half the battle. Personal image is specifically divided into these parts:

A, hairstyle problem: about how to get a good hairstyle, we don’t think complicated, to the local high-end (young fashion customers more than a little) barber shop to find a store manager hair stylist design, estimated budget of about 100. After the hair can go to some small shops to repair.

B, skin problems: skin should be kept fresh. Almost every girl likes fresh and clean boys, so fresh meat is very sought after.

C, beard problem: Unless your beard has a deliberate shape, otherwise clean it, don’t be “booed beard, sad eyes” such as the saying and “bereavement culture” to the damage.

D, dress up: Go to the central district commercial street to see how those handsome men are dressed, imitate imitate, buy clothes according to buy clothes, slowly clothes and aesthetic will improve.


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