“Some people think love is sex, marriage, a kiss at 6:30 in the morning; But I think love is trying to touch and take your hand back. “- Salinger.

Han Han in “Meet Again”, there is such a line: like is presumptuous, and love is restraint.

Love is restraint, this sentence just shows the truth in love:

When a person really loves you, he will restrain his emotions and restrain his behavior.

Everything he did, he did on the basis of “good for you.”

If it does not bring you any benefit, then he will not choose to do it; On the contrary, when he does anything, he will consider your feelings first and consider what can bring you.

To like is presumptuous.

Why do you say that?

Because when the other person likes you, he is thinking about “self”.

He likes you, but doesn’t care about your feelings, his likes care more about themselves.

If you can meet his needs, he will stay with you. If one day, you can not meet his needs, you let him feel disappointed, he will not hesitate to leave you.

Restraint, not only physical restraint, but also psychological restraint.

He will not force you, will not interfere with your decisions, and will not ask you to give up anything for him.

Psychologically speaking, true love, first of all, is to give without reservation, is sacrifice, is to give up the self.

If he can make you, then he is willing to give up everything for you.

This is a responsibility, a determination, a choice, but also an attitude.

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