Do men need Viagra to orgasm? Five men said that the right formula can stimulate his action more!

What do men fear most about women in bed? The answer is “nag”, which is said to be the way to get a man to a quick decision. Do men expect women to be quiet in bed? In fact, the appropriate pillow whisper is the best aphrodisiac prescription, which is more effective than sexy underwear and tonics.

We spoke to a man who took the drug and revealed the 4 favorite things men say in bed.

Passion File 1 Praise

Chinese people are more stingy to praise others, but my she is a very sweet mouth of the woman, often a few words of her praise, it encouraged my confidence, so that I am floating up; Making love to her, the whole experience was so enjoyable.

She likes to kiss me and say how soft my lips are, how sexy my chin is, and nibble my earlobe and say how cute it is. She would also slide down my chest, reach my belly button, and play with an infatuated smile. I know I’m not perfect, not even handsome, but seeing the way she looks at me, I feel the proudest.

I usually can’t resist invading her. Only in front of her, I feel that I am a full man, full of charm, no need to hide themselves, hoping to return everything to her, let her be the happiest woman.

Passion File 2 Foreign language

My girlfriend is French, but I have no knowledge of French, and we all use Chinese in our conversations, except for one occasion, when she is about to orgasm. Whenever she begins to close her eyes in bed and gets lost in herself, she can’t help but speak French: this is a sign to me, because I know that I am making her happy again, and I know how to control my own speed. I could not understand a word of French she spoke, and there was a strange and mysterious excitement about her, something strange, unlike her usual self.

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