We talked for two hours just now
I found that he seemed to raise me as a daughter…
He said he would read some psychological content to learn how to communicate effectively with me.
He would also watch videos and learn how to compliment me, for example, not on needs, but on things. Don’t brag all the time, brag what should be, and don’t brag hard what shouldn’t be.
He would take me to meet his friends, be there for me in case I was uncomfortable, and help me fit in.
He also taught me how to behave, for example, how to speak in a measured way and not to ask questions, but to be perceptive.
Can take care of people, but to hold the bottom line, their own interests are the most important, no one can hurt.
Also, take any chance to learn. Face doesn’t matter as long as the other side is willing to teach.
He has always been a very sunny and positive boy, with Virgo’s careful, but also a “rough man”.
Today, I suddenly realized that he really has a lot of good. Although I am a fool, but I had a very good vision!
I believe, though we are poor now.
But with his emotional intelligence, learning ability, diligence, and super sense of responsibility, we will be rich and happy in the future!
I want to cheer too! Work with him to create our future! New Year, cheer together! Strive to exceed our target!

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