Dating syndrome is a joke of sex experts, mainly a normal physiological phenomenon of sexual response after dating. At present, the dating syndrome is more common in men, mainly caused by sexual excitement, but in fact, there is no sexual behavior, and once sexual excitement is not released, the male reproductive system excreted seminal vesicle fluid, prostatic fluid, and so on, there is no way to discharge, this time will produce a lot of discomfort.

Women in normal life will also produce dating syndrome, will show sexual excitement, so that women’s vaginal secretions will increase, local spontaneous contraction, etc., but after this situation, it will not produce pain or discomfort.

What does dating syndrome mainly stand for
Dating syndrome mainly refers to some small actions that both men and women may do in the behavior of multiple dates, and of course, it also represents the behavior of this date, the frequent contact between the couple after the date. After both men and women have dating syndrome, they may increase their corresponding emotions.

How to prevent dating syndrome
Both men and women are advised not to wear too tight clothes when dating, and girls should first consider the specific feelings before each date. Generally, when dating, let the girl know that when there is no heat, you can appropriately enhance the sense of humor, and if the girl still does not have a special feeling, you can wear more clothes.

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