Hugging for 20 seconds produces oxytocin, the same biohormone that makes your partner like you more.

Love words to the left ear more beautiful.

3 Husbands who habitually kiss their wives every morning live about five years longer than those who do not.

4 The more sex two people have, the closer the relationship will be.

5 Domestic violence is the same as cheating, only 0 and 100 times.

6 It’s not dating that quickly brings two people closer, it’s touching.

7 When people who like each other look at each other, their hearts will synchronize.

8 Couples with low blood sugar are more likely to argue.

9 The average lifetime of kissing adds up to two weeks.

10 The longer the relationship, the more similar two people will become.

11 Each person’s particular body odor is an important factor in attraction to the opposite sex.

10 seconds of kissing can exchange up to 80 million bacteria that can help digest food and fight infections.

Holding hands can reduce pain and relieve anxiety.

It only takes 4 minutes to decide if you like someone.

15 Kissing requires 146 muscle groups.

16 On average, a guy spends a whole year of his life looking at girls.

Marrying your best friend can reduce your risk of divorce by more than 70%.

The 1872-hour Rule: If a first date is successful, 97% of men say they will call back within 72 hours.

19 When you see your loved one, your pupils dilate.

20. Looking at pictures of loved ones can relieve pain.

Romantic love comes and goes in much the same way that people become addicted to coffee, alcohol, and other drugs.

Kissing can improve the relationship between husband and wife. The exchange of saliva during kissing can cause the bacteria in both bodies to converge.

23 Standing on the left hand side of the opposite sex is more likely to get a good impression

24 The likelihood of finding a suitable partner in a dark place is 20% higher than in a light.

The more you know about love, the more difficult it is to fall in love.


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