Film honors 🎬 : The 21st Annual Hollywood Film Awards
Best Actress in a drama

Life is always like this, knock over the honey pot for you, let you sweet to forget myself, and throw you in the ice and snow, let the cool wind slap on the face. You’re broken beyond your ability to take it, but life is still uneventful.

I never could have imagined how much Woody Allen knew about women. Every one of Kate Winslet’s lines in the movie was jabbed into my scalp like a needle, mercilessly penetrating and puncturing…

“You have conquered me, kissing me with fire. I don’t want to go back. There’s no way. I know that the road of love is difficult, but my reason is burned with lust.” Like people trapped in the swamp, crazy struggle and finally swallowed by the swamp, everyone has to face the theme of life: desire, derailment, emotional sustenance, scattered family of origin, every line can accurately poke the essence of the real love, marriage and intimate relationship.

Highly recommend ️ “You haven’t seen a Woody Allen movie until you’ve seen one.” Warm orange tones, vintage clothing and music, the composition of the picture extreme aesthetics. Kate’s performance is always explosive, fragile, anxious and slightly neurotic, and the shattered beauty is suffocating and thrilling.


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