1. Excitatory phase
Sexual excitement is caused by physical or mental sexual stimulation. When various stimuli cause people’s sexual desire, a series of conditioned or unconditioned reflexes are sent by sexual desire and Angle, and the excitement period is entered. At this stage, there is a process to stimulate sexual excitement, that is, to stimulate each other’s sexual desire through language love isosceles triangle enthusiasm, until both sides have entered the sexual excitement period, and then sexual intercourse. If you can do this, it is easy to have a satisfying sex life. The sign of the man entering the excited period is the erection of the penis, which is the result of the congestion of the cavernous body, and the contraction of the cremaster muscle, so that the testicles rise upward and the scrotum becomes flat.

2. Duration
In the excitatory phase, the tension was above the baseline level of unexcitatory, and there was a significant increase relative to the baseline threshold. When entering the duration period, sexual tension will continue to stabilize at a high level of unevenness, and with the existence of effective stimuli, it can further strengthen and increase the excitement degree of sexual tension. When the height of excitement reaches the threshold of orgasm, it can trigger the emergence of orgasm, which is the end of the duration and the high tide period. At this time, the height of sexual tension and sexual excitement has reached its peak. The diameter of male glans crown increased slightly during the duration. The glans become darker, the testicle becomes larger due to vasocongestion, and the testicle is further elevated to engage in pubic contact. At this time, due to the secretion of the urethral glands, a small amount of mucus can flow out of the outer urethra.

3. High tide
Due to the mutual stimulation of the sexual organs, the euphoria is conveyed to the sexual center through the sensory nerve endings, when the intensity of the stimulation reaches or exceeds the threshold level of orgasm, that is, the emergence of orgasm is triggered by various nerve reflexes. The emergence of orgasm marks the level of sexual desire that has reached satisfaction, also known as sexual satisfaction. Male performance, the entire reproductive organs from the epididymis, including sperm delivery farmers and herdsmen, seminal vesicles, prostates, ejaculatory ducts, posterior urethra together produce a strong and not since the modern rhythmic contraction, so the semen through the urethra, from the outer urethra out of the body, this is the excitement of orgasm produced by ejaculation phenomenon. The early or late appearance of ejaculation can not be controlled by the will and thought, and once the occurrence of orgasm is triggered, the appearance of ejaculation is inevitable.

4. Regression period
This period varies greatly between men and women. After ejaculation, the enlarged penis of the male becomes soft and narrow due to the rapid reduction of congestion, the erection soon disappears, and the testicular volume also becomes smaller due to the reduction of congestion and drops to the bottom of the scrotum, and the sex rapidly fades. It is worth noting that women’s libido declines more slowly and gradually. Some men do not pay attention to this physiological characteristics of the woman, after ejaculation, they want to sleep, which has a certain impact on the woman’s sexual satisfaction and emotional, psychological state. At this time, the man should continue to caress the woman, wait for the woman’s sexual desire to completely subside together to rest and end sexual life together.

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