1. Fruit or other snacks 🍇🍰🧁🍮🍧
You can understand the girl’s preferences in advance, ask her to go to the movies, a picnic in the suburbs, go to the park, take some relatively high-grade fruit and snacks, girls will feel that you are very careful and intimate, and the good feeling will be improved instantly. Eating fruit and snacks to chat and talk about something interesting, this kind of date will make you both lose track of time.
2. Small pendants, decorations 🕶🧣
Boys see girls for the first time to send gifts should not be too expensive, send too expensive gifts most girls will not accept. Because how to get along in the future is not very clear, it is best not to give each other as if very deliberate feeling, buy a delicate small pendant or small decoration to each other, is also a memorial.
3. Stuffed animals 🧸🧶
Most girls have no resistance to plush toys, and the decorative small toys placed in the window of the shopping mall will inadvertently look more than a few eyes when girls pass by. Choose a unique shape, feel soft and comfortable plush toy to send girls is basically not wrong, unless the girl is more mature and intellectual, then maybe the plush toy is not suitable for her.
4. Flowers 🌷💐🌻
Flowers are always the perfect gift to give during the holidays. Sending flowers is never out of date, but there are many kinds of flowers, when choosing flowers to understand the language of each flower, such as roses are suitable for expressing love, lilies and carnations are suitable for expressing friendship, choosing the right flowers at the same time should also take into account the number of flowers, different numbers of flowers have different meanings, so sending flowers is the most correct choice, but also more exquisite.
5. Holiday gifts 🛍
If you meet the girl for the first time, it happens to be a holiday, or before and after the holiday, such as: Christmas, Thanksgiving, etc., that can be targeted to prepare this greeting. If it is around Christmas, you can give her a pair of Christmas socks or Santa Claus toys. 🎄
Boys and girls meet for the first time to send the gift is best not to eat, use, send, throw away, such a gift is very suitable to express your heart to her, so as to enhance the feelings between you.

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