“How much do you like me?”
“All the tigers in the forests of the world have melted into butter.”

“I like you most, Green son.”
“To what extent?”
“Like a bear that loves spring.”

If love, then hand in hand to the old;
If you miss, I will protect you.

Just right, seeing you happy,
So happy with your happiness.

I want to be with you,
Regardless of autumn and winter, regardless of cold and warm,
Through countless seasons together.

“I like you” is too slight,
The words “I love you” are too heavy,
“I want to work with you” is the right sentence.

All landowners
You’re not my choice to weigh the pros and cons,
But when I fell in love,
The firmness of doing what you know you can’t do,
That’s the best I can do with this relationship.

I’m not looking for someone to partner with,
I want someone who smiles when they see me,
When I saw it, I laughed, and when I drank, my eyes were full of light,
Tell me about romance and love.


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