Selfishness: Learn to communicate

The most common situation is that some people are spoiled from childhood, have always been self-centered, so they lack the ability to understand others, often demanding each other in sexual life, once there is a contradiction, they will not communicate calmly with each other, take the initiative to give in and compromise, only quarrel and complain about each other. Due to the current only child

More and more, this situation may become a common problem. For people with this character, it is difficult to learn tolerance and communication in a short period of time, therefore, we must first understand each other from daily life, give each other the opportunity to speak, learn to listen, communicate at any time in sexual life, in order to have a happy sexual life.

Personality depression: talk boldly

Some people live in a depressed family or social environment from childhood, and their psychology is full of gray colors. If the sexual life is not harmonious, they will feel hurt, so often in the sexual aspect of offensive defense, put all their unpleasant and not adapt, all blame each other or indifference to maintain self-esteem. Therefore, this kind of person is best to speak out some ideas in sexual life, release the psychological imbalance, to achieve the satisfaction of both sides. If necessary, go to see a psychologist and treat the depressed character from the root.

Insecurity: Increases trust

Due to the various setbacks encountered in life, some people also lack enough security in sexual life. Although eager to have sex, but often suspicious, lack of mutual trust, for fear of heaven flying a “third party.” Therefore, it is not easy to invest in sexual life, but will be suspicious, sexual life is good or bad, there are reasons to doubt. This situation appears more in women, giving each other the maximum trust is an important guarantee for a good sex life, and the husband should also give some support.


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