What is the meaning of falling in love? Probably illuminate each other, become each other’s haven and spiritual sustenance, so that the ordinary life feels a little beautiful, in every depressed night there is a rely. Some words can not be said to parents, say fork almost mean to friends, but say to each other is like giving nowhere to place the soul to find a harbor to rely on. I have always felt that the best state of feelings is not not to quarrel, but to put down the so-called face and patience to communicate with each other after the quarrel, there is no completely suitable two people in the world, all need to run in with each other and cherish. In the end, the real meaning of two people together is to encourage and support each other, nourish and grow each other and give the child energy to work together against the world, rather than let you lose the faith of loving life.
One day, we will snuggle on the same sofa, watch the same book and movie together, when you are just mature, I am just gentle, and then spend every day and night together, equal to the equinox moment.
We will wake up together in the morning division of labor to do a good breakfast, dressed each other to go out, to try to become better themselves, the evening of the shift, walking hand in hand in the busy street, in the evening, the red sunset, the quiet path, the supermarket discount fruit, now you, everything is just right. When it’s cold, I’ll put your hand in my pocket and tell you, “See, two people are always warmer than one.”

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