Best place: VR experience, Escape Room experience, or playground.

These places with high on-site energy can interact with girls and quickly get closer.

The level of energy is the watershed of whether you can quickly warm up the relationship with a girl when you are dating.

Here, close your eyes and imagine with me.

In the dim light, you and her in a tense and exciting place, you look at her, she looks at you.

She says to you, “Oh, I’m scared.”

You say, “No, I’m here!”

And then you beat the dragon with your brilliant intelligence, and your incredible boyfriend, and you escaped with your little public service, and you started your happy life.

Huh? Why it feels weird.

All in all, these places will make you feel more interactive with girls.

Because there are many links that you need to work together to complete.

Hold her hand when frightened, give her strength; Touch her head and comfort her when you’re nervous.

Then the girl will instantly feel that your shoulders are two meters wide, and the sense of security is strong to dazzling.

I’m here to tell you guys that a drawbridge effect, a tense, heart-pounding environment, can go a long way toward how a girl feels about you.

What? You said you were gonna take a kitchen knife and force someone to fall in love with you? Hey, cop, there’s a bad guy up here about to do something bad.

Our physical responses often influence how we react and interpret the world psychologically.

And then further affect how we feel and act, so what does the drawbridge effect really mean?

The drawbridge effect: When a person nervously crosses a drawbridge, their heart rate increases involuntarily. At this time, she happens to be with a member of the opposite sex, and she will misinterpret the accelerated heartbeat caused by this situation as the other side makes her heart beat, thus producing a feeling of love.

Good feeling is caused by dopamine in the brain, and going to a place that is scary or exciting will increase the secretion of this substance in the brain, resulting in the illusion of love.

Make the other person think that their physical reaction is caused by being with you.

So scary exciting or exciting places, is the best place to cultivate love.


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