There are five main sexual secrets that men want their wives to know:

First, men’s sexual requirements are not stronger than women’s.

Many women who are wives always think that their husbands are not satisfied sexually, in fact, this is a misunderstanding. In real life, men are most afraid of their wife said that their sexual ability is not good, so sometimes men frequently put forward sexual demands to their wife, not really need, but worry about a period of time but sexual life, the wife will say that they can not, even in their own strength to hold on to face.

Two, men don’t just need sex.

A lot of wives think a man’s sex is sex. In fact, this is only one aspect, they need more emotional communication in many aspects. “Sometimes all a man asks for is a hug, a kiss, or a personal word,” and that’s it. Their sexual requirements are not as simple as the wife thinks.

Three, men can also get sexual pleasure in love.

Married men, all want to get love, happiness, relaxed feelings from their wives, but also hope to be romantic, “men and women, the more they are affectionate, the more sexual pleasure can be satisfied.” Many men who have been married for many years are most afraid that their wife does not understand their needs for romance, saying that they do not look like a man, so they put on a masculine appearance.

Four, men also need caress before sex.

Some wives are not satisfied with their husband’s performance during sex, feel that her husband is not “dedicated”, and some even think that her husband is coping with their own. In fact, this is not the case, not because the husband does not need sex, nor because the wife lacks charm, but because the lack of love prelude, the fire of men’s sexual desire has not really lit.

5. Men don’t always ask for sex.

Men’s sexual desires are not always satisfied through sex. In the intimate contact of husband and wife, the wife bird is charming and charming, sweet words of tenderness and consideration, can make the husband excited, produce intimate, comfortable sexual experience.

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