1. Never speculate on each other from your own point of view

The natural thinking differences between men and women, and the differences in ways of thinking and behavior between people due to family, education, experience, etc., all determine that even in the face of the same things, the reactions of both sides are not the same. What you need to do is not to improve your ability to see into other people’s hearts, but to get them to honestly express their own thoughts.

2. It’s not a bad thing to talk about the future early

Many people feel that the relationship is not in place, talk about nothing, but in fact, the more feelings are not in place, the more should talk about the future, because at this time the two people are often more rational, there is not much positive illusion (positive illusion) or self-deception, so it is more conducive to early detection and solution of problems in the relationship.

3. Learn to love yourself correctly

Psychologically speaking, the true love of oneself is not to blindly indulge oneself and satisfy one’s own desires, but to treat oneself with the greatest kindness under any circumstances, without judging oneself and without internal consumption.

4, growth, is a very valuable quality of adults.

Many people stick to the existing way of thinking and behavior after adulthood, always use the same perspective to look at all problems, conflict with people or things beyond their own cognitive system, think that it is someone else’s fault, do not reflect, do not listen, do not change, and finally be “mercilessly” abandoned.

Do not clearly say love, as love

Love that is not clearly stated is regarded as not loving; Ambiguous like, as dislike. Love is mostly straightforward, without too many twists and turns. If he really likes you and wants to be with you, he won’t make you guess at all. Therefore, do not believe that some feelings can not fall to reality, live in the present, than live in the future more happy.

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