1. Choose a comfortable place

Since you asked the girl first, you should choose the place of the date. All travel arrangements should be made by you, and finding some comfort zone allows the other person to let down their defenses against you. So you can get closer.

2: The chat conversation stops when it clicks

Most guys, when dating a girl, easily fall into a situation that is propelled by nervousness and then goes into an endless cycle: nervousness, more words, or even out of control. In the process of chatting, this topic talks deeply, not only talk about this topic, can not shift this topic, and it is easy to lose control and play with yourself. Especially if you’re inexperienced and don’t know how to plan. You have to understand that if you want a girl to give you affection, you have to get further validation from the girl during the dating process for your attraction to be effective. If a girl doesn’t trust you at all, no matter how attractive you are, it’s a conversation, right!

3: The point of chatting is to talk to each other

When chatting, try not to talk about your past. No girl is going to be interested in your past from the start. That you’re interested in, or that you were interested in. A lot of guys start by talking about their past, how hard they work, how good they are, but is that really what girls are interested in? Focus on the other person and chat about her interest. If you don’t know what the other person’s interests are, you can talk about food, travel, movies, etc. Girls generally love these topics.

4: In a leadership position

In nature, male animals tend to dominate and lead. As a man, don’t see it as a burden, but a privilege. This will give you more fun. So, do things the way you like and you will make a decision. If she doesn’t want to say no, then you can discuss something from now on.

5: Make laughter

Love and smile always accompany it. Traditionally, a sense of humor has always been very important among the factors that bring about love between a man and a woman. Laughter greatly reduces the distance between men and women and forms an intimate relationship. Learn and exercise step by step and keep learning the experience. Make your love life more interesting.

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