A Spanish Rain
Lovely straight ball girl ❌ gentle loyal dog school grass
He ran from her, he couldn’t fly 😍
At first you took the initiative to approach, and then I premeditated for a long time 😎

The Kissing Booth
It’s so sweet! Youth campus love ceiling ❗
From school uniform to wedding dress ❗ sweet love is enviable 😭
Two people enjoy the sweet, a person to the future 😍

Who Can Love Me like This?
Good vulgar and love ❗ this love God drama is really sweet 😝
It’s a story of pure love and redemption
Learning to love is important, but it takes courage to accept love and believe that you deserve it

Pride and Prejudice
I don’t know what I’m feeling
Arrogance makes me unable to accept you, but prejudice makes me unable to fall in love with others
Break the world of love 💕

Before Dawn
An adventure about love
Talk about a relationship that ends before sunrise
If there is a miracle in the world, it must be to try to understand someone, and share with him through thick and thin

Deep fate, go around or will meet
Fate shallow, it is better to regard it as a lucky encounter

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