1. After the other person expresses his/her love

The emotional world does not have too many rules and algorithms, so be faithful to your own inner choice. If your crush comes forward and you’re still wondering when is the best time to start a relationship, you might be missing out on a great relationship. So there is no need to tangle too much at this time, as long as you like each other, no illegal public order and good customs, you can accept.

2. After meeting for a few months

Many people think that love at first sight is unreliable, so, know each other for a few months. The judgment of a person’s first impression may not be the truth, but if you have known him for several months, I believe that you have a little understanding of him, if you think that he is not a problem, why not together.

3. You meet the right person

Life can meet a person who is just right for you, is a lucky thing. We won’t always be lucky, so we must cherish it. Life is short, if you want to spend it without regrets, then cherish the person who is right for you. Life has a variety of possibilities, two people sometimes like 2 cross lines, once missed, will be farther and farther away.

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