Russian film “About love” tells the story of a female college student Nina and his teacher married, but the marriage life is not satisfactory, economic embarrassment, feelings in general. While men are immersed in women’s beauty and body, but also despise women can not make money. A woman who wants to be a good wife cannot be happy in this marriage.
A part-time opportunity, Nina met the banker, the banker to ‬ young ‬ beautiful Nina ‬ directly proposed a date, Nina refused. Can get home ‬ is her husband’s blame, because she did not take the opportunity to help solve the loan problem, but Nina found the banker again, agreed to date, and solved the man’s loan problem.
Nina’s life changed forever. Nina ‬, disillusioned with her husband ‬ ‬ and her marriage ‬ ‬, fell in love with her regular dates with the banker. Nina confessed her affair to her husband, who kicked her out late at night. She called the banker, who quickly got ‬ Nina into a nice apartment.
Soon, Nina gave birth to the banker’s child, the banker’s wife gave in, and the banker moved to live with Nina ‬. Having a ‬ baby ‬ did not change ‬ the daily routine of ‬ ‬ ‬ waiting for ‬. She ‬ asked for jobs and bankers to help her become a career woman.
The banker satisfied Nina as much as he could, but he did not love Nina; And Nina is deep in it, or deep east or late at night, far away at a glance is satisfied… So humble also can not wait for a man’s body, can not change a man’s heart.
The title of the film is About Love, but I can’t see love, because everyone in the film is unhappy. For example, the banker, in the emotion is very contradictory, probably people are entangled, the film almost did not see his smile, even ‬ ‬ no temper. You can’t tell who he loves or who he cares about, and no woman can be happy with him.
Cheating in marriage, living with Nina and then looking at a virtuous wife, all eyes are tender. About men is contradictory, in the side always no feeling no taste, thinking about the distance…
Another example is Nina, unhappy in the first marriage, her husband can give her is to solve the needs of food and clothing and her body, her husband says he loves her, but there is no substantive behavior of love.
She fell in love with the banker, and all she could do was look out and wait endlessly. She knew very well that the banker did not love her, though he did his best to satisfy her materially. Fortunately, Nina finally woke up and understood that she only belonged to herself, not to any man, and that she was the master of life.

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